Our Mission
LaVonBlu, luxury bath and body products created by the mother and son duo, Sharon and Jordan Gateley, strives to provide 100% natural beauty products that will work and feel better than the conventional creams and cleansers available today.
Our Guarantee
With LaVonBlu, you are investing in your skin with 100% natural ingredients. We use 100% organic essential oils and butters, no sulfates, no fillers, with natural preservatives to prevent bacterial production. Our soap bars are cold-processed to ensure the best quality of our New Mexico ingredients.

Sharon Gateley

Sharon Gateley
"After working in Healthcare for over 20 years, I've seen the effects of not using 100% natural products."
One might wonder how I actually started making my own bath and body products. It was quite by accident. I always thought soap was soap until my son started working in a local soap shop. They actually bought soap from out of state. I tried it. It was nicer that the commercial soaps, but not enough to want to pay more. My son decided he could make a better natural soap, locally, and started working on it at home. I liked it so well, I decided to start using it. Then my friends wanted to try it. The products started blossoming out. They were all natural and hydrating. People seemed to really like them! After such a great response, we decided to sell them to the public.

Jordan Gateley

"I love being able to use my chemistry and creative sides to create amazing products for all ages of skin care."
Being a chemist, I was drawn to create luxurious, all natural soaps and other bath products with only the best natural ingredients. With a background in chemistry and oddly enough culinary, I discovered that baking and chemistry (at least as far as bath and beauty products go) have an uncanny similarity in terms of accuracy of measurements. My creative ability lies in the chemical makeup of all the products, as well as the colors that go into them, producing natural skin care products that work better than most over-the-counter skin care. The products that I have created are the direct result of my chemistry background and my creative abilities.

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